What is Welcome to the Blumhouse Live? (VIP Event) 

Amazon Prime Video and Blumhouse invite you to step inside the worlds of Nocturne, Black Box, Evil Eye, and The Lie for an interactive virtual mystery that weaves the Blumhouse universe together in chilling synchrony. 


After an exclusive screening of one of the four films, The Blumhouse Live will be open for you to explore. Kicking off with a live DJ set, you will be beckoned to discover a labyrinth of virtual sanctuaries, live performances, interactive tarot readings, an escape room that unlocks hidden levels, and more unsettling twists.


What is the schedule for the evening? (VIP Event) 

October 5th + October 12th 

6pm PT: Virtual Lobby

6:30pm PT: Screening (Blackbox, Nocturne, Evil Eye, The Lie)

~8:00pm PT: Activation Start

9:00pm PT: Activation End


What experiences and activations can I expect during Welcome to the Blumhouse Live?

  • Live Escape Room

  • Live Tarot Card Reading

  • Live Artistic Performances 

  • Interactive and Immersive Digital Experiences 

  • DJ Set 


What is the recommended minimum viewing age?

Recommended viewing age is 18+


What happens if I join the experience after the scheduled start time? (VIP Event + Consumer Event)

You can join the screening and/or experience at any time. If you join after the scheduled start time, you will enter the screening after it has already begun - similar to an in person screening, it will not start over.  


How do I watch this screening and experience? Am I able to watch on my TV?

This is a web based virtual screening. You will need a computer and web browser to participate. We recommend installing the latest versions of your computer’s operating system and logging in with Chrome if you are on a Windows or based computer, and Safari if you are on an iOS device. 


The experience is best on a laptop or desktop computer and strong reliable internet connection. The experience will also be available on tablets above 11” inches wide. The experience will not be available on mobile phones due to the immersive complexity of the event. 


The web-based experience is not designed to work directly on your TV set, but you can utilize your Television as a large monitor. Use Chromecast, Airplay or a connected HDMI cable to stream the event to your television. 


Should you run into any issues with logging in on the day of the event, please send an email to help@littlecinema.net. If you experience any live glitches during the performance, please refresh your browser and re-check the fidelity of your wireless connection.